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HTC Inspire 4G In-depth Review

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The form and function of the HTC Inspire is similar to many of the touchscreen smartphones in the market today.  The user swipes the screen to unlock it, and selects icons from the menu for functions and applications.

There are four hard keys integrated into the bottom of the glass front panel for home, menu, go back, and search. A microUSB connector is located on the bottom edge for charging and data connection.

HTC Inspire 4G Video Recorder in action

Response to commands from the touchscreen is fast, and the HSDPA network is fairly speedy. Testing took place about 1km from a cell site, indoors. The download speed was approximately 2Mbps and the upload was 200Kbps. That is approximately 3x faster than the 3G network on Verizon or AT&T.

The 8MP camera provides excellent picture quality; the video quality is suitable for upload to YouTube or viewing on a larger screen. Watching a video on the 4.3” screen is very good, the sound quality from the speaker is tinny, much better through a headset.

Call quality is very good, crisp and clear audio both for the called and the caller.

HTC Inspire 4G right side

The Inspire worked very well over Wi-Fi, experiencing the same surfing speed as other devices on the same hotspot. The Inspire also has the ability to operate as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Connection to the cellular network is required, and set up is easy. Plenty of user control over access to the hotspot, including allow and block functions.

There is also an FM radio function that uses a wired headset as the antenna.

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