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GTA III Android Update Brings Greater Support, no iOS Update

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Grand Theft Auto III GTA 3  iPhone iOS Android gameGLOBAL – The middle of December 2011 saw the release of Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition released by Rockstar for Apple iOS and Android devices, and now information regarding a new update for the Android version of the game has been released by the developer.

Users who own either the Medion LifeTab or the Asus Transformer Prime will now be supported in the version 1.3 update of GTA III, and those who have the Xperia Play or other similar gamepads will enjoy much greater levels of support.

The new update will also have a number of other benefits including the ability to load the game onto an SD memory card, better controls for supported gamepads like the Xperia Play with additional full support for the GameStop Wireless Game Controller, various technical fixes, more video display setting that allow users to have their visual experience how exactly how they want it and additional Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback.

Android owners will be able to get the new update directly from the Android Marketplace but so far Rockstar has only advised that it won’t be long before iOS users of GTA III will be able to get the update too.

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