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Google Wallet Has Another Serious Security Flaw

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Google Wallet appMOUNTAIN VIEW, USA – Following a recent security issue on the Google Wallet app that involved the use of brute force to find users’ Google Wallet PIN it has now been confirmed that a second far more serious flaw has been found.

Whilst the original flaw only affected users that had root access on their devices, the latest vulnerability needs neither root access or any additional software and is so basic that anyone of any technical level can use it to gain access to other users’ Google Wallet accounts.

The security flaw simply requires a user to access the settings menu for applications and then clear the Google Wallet apps data. By doing this users will have completely reset the Google Wallet app and the next time it is opened users will be prompted to enter a new PIN.

As there is no requirement for any software or root access and most users can reset and access Google Wallet account in less than two minutes, this latest vulnerability is being seen by many as a very serious one.

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