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Google Showcases New Modular Project Ara Designs

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA – Google has moved a step ahead with its Project Ara, showcasing new designs for its Android-powered modular smartphone. A conference was held, aimed to give a better insight to this platform.

Google Motorola Project Ara

The smartphone has yet some time to arrive in the markets, perhaps in January next year, but project head Paul Eremenko confirmed that there will still be two more conferences that are planned for July and September. An updated Android vesion to support modular components of Ara will arrive this December. According to Eremenko, the first handset will be a “gray phone” costing around $50.

Users can create their own custom builds using the Ara Configurator. Images can be imported into the Ara Configurator, thereby making personalized designs. Customized 3D printed textures for the device’s surfaces can also be created where they will be placed on the top of the module and will be replaceable.

An advantage about Ara modules is that users can replace every component, like processors and cameras, and so there will no need to get a completely new smartphone every two years, as users can keep their device in pace with the changing technology.

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By , International Correspondent, Quebec office on Apr 21st, 2014 GMT +2


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