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Google Maps App Hacked to Work with iOS6, iPhone 5 Broken Down

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CUPERTINO, USA  – The new iPhone 5 has become the main topic discussed in the cyberspace, chiefly owing to its variety of good and bad aspects.

As the inaccuracy of maps is the primary accusation against iOS6, Apple has started recruiting ex-Google Maps employees to create a better substitute. Rumors suggest that many such contractors are already working with Apple, enjoying handsome salaries. In the meantime, iOS hacker Ryan Petrich has managed to adapt a former Google Maps app to work with iOS6. He has released a video about how this is done, and hopes to release the app once it’s working properly.

old Google-powered Maps mostly works on iOS 6.0 with a little trickery:
Ryan Petrich

Meanwhile, others are busy with teardowns of the iPhone 5 and its accessories. iFixit, in collaboration with Chipworks, has released images of a step-by-step teardown of an Apple A6 chip.

Apple A6 teardown

A dismantled Lightning bold cable for iPhone 5 has revealed authentication chips, emphasizing that customers shouldn’t buy cheaper third-party cables, as they may not work at all. Several users have also discovered that new Lightning connectors may get stuck in USB ports, probably owing to a faulty design.

Apple Lightning connector authentication chip

With the growth of Apple product thefts, the NYPD has launched an Anti-Apple Picking Campaign to help users track down their stolen Apple devices. Through this campaign, Apple users are encouraged to register their devices and engrave IDs on them.

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By , International Correspondent, Rethymno (Greece) office

Published on Oct 4th, 2012 GMT +2


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