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Google Glass Walkthrough Video and Reviews

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GLOBAL – It has been a while since the Google unveiled Google Glass, and the device was still a little mystery until the latest walkthrough videos were released.

The Engadget team earlier this week took the device up for review, and have made some comments regarding the product. The tests were performed on an Explorer Edition (that is a prototype) so the final product may be different than what we are looking at here.

Google Glass

Image credit: Engadget

To begin with, the team felt though the Glass looks “beautiful” with its titanium body and basic shape along with a plastic suite to accommodate the engine, the headset is not foldable, and somewhat little uncomfortable to put on.

Coming to the basic specifications of  Glass, it sports a TI OMAP 4430 processor, a 5MP camera capable of 720p recording, 1GB of RAM and 16GB ROM. It is said to have a very poor battery life of about 5 hours, and which goes off without any warnings. Glass is charged though the microUSB port, which can also be used to transfer the stored data. It also allows connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The battery and speaker are placed at the rear end of the headset within a plastic case while camera, processor and display assembly at the front end also under a plastic housing.

For the display, the team says, it is placed above eye (at 45-degrees) which seems to be floating in space. However, the colors are not consistent and seeing the display during bright sunlight might be a problem, although contrast is good.

Moving on to setup and user-interface, it is easy to get around once the basics are learned which is not much of an issue here. To setup, the MyGlass app needs to be installed on a Android smartphone, paired with unit, and it is ready to go. The UI shows Google+ circles to share content with, default Google apps (Google+, Gmail, Google Now and Path), Wi-Fi networks and contact names (only 10 for now).

The display can be activated using one of the two methods: whether by tapping the capacitive touch portion on the side or by simply tilting the head up. It allows to swipe only two ways: forward and backward. Swiping backward from the start screen will lead a user to Google Now cards, connection status and battery life, while swiping forward will take them through mix of emails, videos, pictures, messages and notifications in chronological order. Tapping on any one of the item gives further option (such as read more, or reply-to for emails, and share or delete for pictures and videos).

Google Glass

Google Glass also grants user a hand-free interaction, initiating with “Ok Glass”. Nonetheless, this interaction is limited to basic commands, like taking pictures, simple calculations and searches. Glass also helps to find surrounding places, direct turn-by-turn to given addresses and suggests routes to take.

Camera, one of the main components, is just said to be a “mediocre cameraphone” for during bright times of the day, when it can take some good shots but fails to be effective when there is a little light. Furthermore, the head of user needs to be an angle so that the desired view is captured. Overall, the quality of the camera is reasonable.

Google Glass photo image sample

To wrap the things up and to know if Google Glass actually works in real world. The Engadget team concludes that Google Now, Hangout, searches and quick calculations are altogether not a bad experience pertaining to the device that has a techy appeal, and claimed it to be less distracting than bowing one’s neck down again and again to see the latest notifications on a smartphone. However, there are few problems, like the earpiece that seems to pick up environmental noises, plus there is no way to adjust volume level or brightness. Similarly, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can not be shut down. In addition, application cards in UI can not be arranged according to the usage priority.

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By , International Correspondent, Karachi office

Published on May 13th, 2013 GMT +2


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