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Google Buys more Patents from IBM

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Google IBM logosMOUNTAIN VIEW, USA – Google is trying hard to save the oncoming threats concerning patent litigation on its Android ecosystem. After its recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Google has purchased an additional 1,023 patents from IBM to guard the Google Android platform.

The transfers were recorded by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office’s website, and show the acquisition happened on the 17th of August. Jim Prosser, a spokesman for the Mountain View, California-based company, confirmed the transaction between the two giants but did not provide any details about the monetary value. On the other hand, Chris Andrews, a spokesman for Armonk, New-York based IBM, declined to comment on the matter.

Google at the moment is in a war-like situation, and busy building up a patent infantry to block-out companies like Apple and Microsoft, who repeatedly file patent lawsuits against the Android platform. Google has acquired a total of 1,023 patents with this transaction, and will obtain more than 17,000 odd patents with its recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility at a staggering $12.5 billion.

Android OS adopters HTC, Samsung and Motorola have each been targeted with lawsuits by Apple, as well as Microsoft for patent infringement allegations.

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