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Gingerbread Update for Galaxy S May Come March 20th

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Google Android 2.3 GingerbreadSEOUL, South Korea – The Samsung Galaxy S may be the first non-Google branded phone to receive the Gingerbread update. Gingerbread is the next update of the Android OS to version 2.3.

The rumored update date was released via Samsung Mobile Romania on Facebook. In a round about way, the rumor was started since the Froyo update is said to be available until March 20th when it’s believed the Gingerbread update will go live.

There is not a major amount of evidence to back this claim up, but Gingerbread is already live on the Google branded phones so it’s only a matter of time until the rest the high end Android devices get there update on.

Gingerbread is not nearly as exciting as Froyo was since the changes with this update are not major. The update is suppose to make texting quicker and allow devices to access NFC, if your device is equipped with this feature.

The update is expected to hit the Samsung Galaxy S on March 20th if the rumor holds true and should be OTA.

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