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FT CEO: iPhone 5 Enters France on 15th October

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France Telecom CEO Stéphane RichardPARIS, France – The hoopla surrounding the iPhone 5 is sure coming to an end. Word has it that the iPhone 5 is hitting the Orange network on October 15th, and this news comes from the horse’s mouth itself, the CEO of France Telecom/Orange.

This report holds a lot of weight-age as CEOs of big companies do not get their news except from the manufacturer itself, and when this news is shot by the CEO of Orange, Stephane Richards, it cannot be rubbished as a rumour.  Also accompanying this report was Richards admitting to the iPhone 5 being offered to customers with special bundled schemes, this is quite obvious as Orange is quite keen in the Apple smartphone.

Few reports also brought in news about the iPhone 5 making a debut in UK on the O2 network. This piece of news is not being given much importance, as it has been said by the O2 customer service department. Also as it makes no sense about Apple launching a product in France before UK.

If the Apple iPhone 5 does release in the middle of October, then an official announcement is on the cards by the end of September and very surprisingly even the iOS 5 final release is scheduled for the 23rd September.

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