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First Press Shots of the HTC Vigor Published

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HTC Vigor Beats AudioTAOYUAN, Taiwan – HTC is gearing up for the December holiday season, with first reports pouring in about the HTC Rhyme and the HTC Vigor, both smartphones catering to different market segments.

The HTC Vigor is more of a powerhouse device with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor under-the-hood, LTE capabilities with downlink speed boasting of speeds up to 72Mbps, and the jaw-dropping part of the package is the HD display, supporting a native resolution of 1280×720 pixels. HTC claims the Vigor to be the most powerful smartphone of the lot when it hits the Verizon network alongside the HTC Rhyme.

The handset is supposed to be an HTC Beats Audio device, and that is highly likely with the newly introduced HTC Sensation XE, and also keeping in mind the recent collaboration of HTC with Beats Audio technology for use in its premium devices.

The HTC Vigor could launch in an upcoming NYC event on the 20th of September, alongside other expected devices from HTC. Sources claim that the actual retail name of the HTC Vigor could be HTC Thunderbolt 2, but it is highly unlikely, and few instances prove that HTC will stick to the Vigor branding. This might also just be the first actual HD device on the market.

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