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Entertainment Industry Award Season Comes to BlackBerry

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BlackBerry App WorldGLOBAL – The film industry in the United States honors its own every year through an award ceremony that is packed with glitz and stars. BlackBerry smartphones can be very useful for those that have interest in the films and the awards. Here are several applications available through BlackBerry Appworld that will help the film fan stay up-to-date.

For those that haven’t seen the films selected for awards, POYNT and Moviefone are two good choices to track down a film and find show times. POYNT is also useful for other business and restaurants, Moviefone will also show a trailer of the film on the users BlackBerry.

More information on a particular film is available through Flixster, this app provides cast info, trailers, reviews theater info and buy tickets. Twitter for BlackBerry allows the user to follow @oascar_awards for the absolute latest in gossip and news from the staff of the show.

The Grammy awards for the music industry take place this weekend, and there are a few apps available at the App World to ease the music fan through the event. During the show, it is possible to share and chat with stars at the event and others who are watching from home. VH1 Watch and discuss Chat, allows the user to connect with other fans and specific celebrities that will be in the audience working on their BlackBerrys. Some music applications available at Appworld are: Shazam, Pandora, Amazon MP3 for BlackBerry, and 7 Digital Music Store. Each of these are slightly different takes on the music store, offering previews, ways to share, and of course purchase the music of choice.

Enjoy the shows, and enjoy the entertainment features of the BlackBerry.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Feb 12th, 2011 GMT +2


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