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Developer Interview: Evermeeting by SaveMeeting

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PhoneRPT spoke to the SaveMeeting team, who developed the Evermeeting app currently available on the iOS platform, and spoke about the app, the company and their outlook for the future of the smartphone world.

What does Evermeeting do?

SaveMeeting Labs is a platform for the confidential recording, management and distribution of meetings through mobile devices on the cloud.

Evermeeting Savemeeting iOS screenshot

How is it different from your competitors?

Evermeeting is truly a powerful recording system on the cloud. You can record meetings with the peace of mind of having no time limits or issues with storage space in your device.

You can create an agenda, take notes, introduce marks and tasks… it’s all easy, fast and visual, generating a logical timeline of everything you consider important. Additionally, you are linking the audio to your own notes: this way you will combine your notes and audio accurately and intelligently.

Evermeeting Savemeeting iOS screenshot

What platforms does the app currently support? Will you be developing it for any other operating systems?

At the SaveMeeting Labs we work for RIM, Android and iOS platforms.

Evermeeting service began in July just for iOS but we want to develop it for Android in the next months.

Evermeeting Savemeeting iOS screenshot

How did SaveMeeting get the idea for this app?

The partners of SaveMeeting Lab, including myself, have all been working for top companies our whole lives. Our experience is that there are way too many meetings. Generally, they are not useful, which is why more and more people want to avoid them.

However, we think that face-to-face communication is essential. It is the moment when people exchange the largest chunks of information, a moment with top productive potential.

With evermeeting, at SaveMeeting Labs we have tried to improve the gathering of information during meetings to really make them efficient and productive.

Evermeeting Savemeeting iOS screenshot

What can your users expect in future versions of Evermeeting?

  • Possibility of incorporating new marks, like photos, hand-written notes
  • Real-time shared meeting management
  • Multidevice recording
  • Website tool

What do you as a programmer specifically do at SaveMeeting?

Everything typical of a programmer, developing, debugging, testing in many configurations (multiple devices in Android for example), and reading typical blogs about programming, as Stack Overflow, or Hacker News.

Evermeeting Savemeeting iOS screenshot

In your opinion, what smartphone operating systems will rise and fall in the future?

iOS seems to stay in the top of the stack of mobile operating systems, and Android, of course, stays in the same stack, but, others as Windows Mobile, or WebOS can be in privileged positions in the near future.

It seems that there will be two groups of operating systems, the ones who choose native development, and the ones who choose HTML5 mobile + CSS + JavaScript. Interesting future.

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Published on Sep 27th, 2012 GMT +2


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