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Details of the New Windows Phone 8 Revealed

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Windows Phone 8 data usageREDMOND, USA – Features of the new Windows Phone 8 have been released with the platform being given the codename of Windows Phone Apollo and is expected to be released shortly after the imminent Windows Phone Tango update.

A number of major changes are expected from Microsoft with this latest platform release and many of these themes and features were revealed following the leaking of a video that was meant for its partners Nokia, which was hosted Joe Belfiore the senior vice president and Windows Phone manager.

Choice and scale will be the key theme with the new hardware that the Windows Phone 8 will come with according to Belfiore and this includes microSD card storage that can be removed, multicore processors support as well as new resolution touchscreens.

Windows Phone 8 release date

Contactless payments, or the “wallet experience”, as Belfiore is calling it, is also being focused on with full support for NFC radio technology. This contactless payment facility will be carrier-branded and the secure elements will either be built into the hardware or the SIM card.

Also expected with the new Windows Phone 8 are improved integration, better data management, secure encryption for business users and a huge range of apps in the Windows Marketplace.

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