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Controversial FBI File on Steve Jobs Released Online

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FBI Steve Jobs fileWASHINGTON, USA – A 191-page FBI report on the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs has recently been released by the FBI and consists of a background investigation that was carried out back in 1991 during the Bush I presidency when Jobs was under consideration to be appointed to the Export Council for the president.

Amongst the information included in the report is the record of a bomb threat against Jobs in 1985 as well as comments by a number of people relating to his use of drugs in the past. Jobs’ honesty was called into question by a number of people who claimed that in order to achieve his goals he would distort reality and twist the truth.

In short the report did show that many individuals had, in fact, recommended him for the position even though most of these people had, at the same time, called into question his honesty, ethics and his morality. The reason for this was that many of those questioned didn’t believe that the position he was applying for required someone with honesty or integrity.

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