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Conditions at Foxconn Anger Apple Users, but Android as Bad

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Foxconn iPhone factoryTUCHENG, Taiwan – Labor conditions in overseas factories, and more specifically, Foxconn, with its long history of high suicide rates and accidents, brought about by poor working conditions, has led to technology giant Apple coming under serious criticism, but many are now questioning whether other companies are just as guilty of taking advantage of the cheap labor offers by Foxconn.

Surprisingly, a growing number of Apple’s biggest fans have now started a petition to increase awareness in the ongoing labor issues at Chinese factories making components for Apple following reports that it currently had cash reserves of $97 billion.

The main aim of the petition is to attempt to get Apple to use some of its huge cashpile to help improve conditions at the factories where make its components, including Foxconn, although the main concern is that Apple isn’t the only company that uses factories like Foxconn.

Among the many other companies that are currently using Foxconn to build their components are, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Intel, Sharp, Panasonic and Microsoft.

This is now leading to some questioning whether Apple should be the sole target for the conditions in Foxconn factories or whether other industry giants with equally large pockets should start to look more seriously into who they are using to make their equipment.

One of the petitions raised, however, is focusing on what is being considered as one of the biggest releases this year, the iPhone 5 and so far the organisers of the petition, SumOfUs, has gained over 40 000 signatures, which is very close to its target of 50 000.

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