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Broadcom, Motorola and Nokia Inversion Pattern

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[This is MH, not Meraj. MH is our financial expert, which had problems with his login]

I am making this post simply to refer that today we had a great “upper side” day on Wall Street technological stocks, including Broadcom, that moved more than 15%, with great results (unexpected by the analysts)

“The company posted net income of $74.3 million, or 14 cents a share, compared with profit of $61 million, or 10 cents a share, for the year-earlier period. Revenue was $1.03 billion, up from $901.5 million.
The company said its first-quarter revenue included royalties of $35.6 million in connection with a patent licensing agreement.
Analysts had expected the company to report earnings of 27 cents a share on revenue of $991.3 million, according to a survey by FactSet Research.
For the current quarter, the company said it expects revenue of $1.075 billion to $1.125 billion.”
The second reason I am posting today is to give you some information about tomorrow’s Motorola Results, because it is expected to post a 1st Quarter Lost. As I said, if the result tomorrow is over the analysts’ predictions, Motorola’ stocks can slightly jump, but if not….the worst can happen. Be cautious with the news that will come in the next moments, and have in mind that Motorola had today a strong buyers’ session and plunged 3.5%, DO NOT short as “crazy”.
Another thing I have to tell you is that Nokia activates its technical reversal pattern, and now it wouldn’t be the best decision to short Nokia.

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By , Editor-in-Chief, Johannesburg office

Published on Apr 23rd, 2008 GMT +2


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