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BREAKING: Upcoming Nokia Devices

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Today the entire upcoming line of Nokia devices was leaked, we aren’t aware of from where the information comes and how old is it.  It is a list of 35 Nokia devices, some of them already released, others cancelled, while a small part of these will probably be cancelled, although most will be eventually released to the market.

The list  seems slightly outdated because it includes devices such as the N82 and N95 8GB, which were released in 2007. It starts with the N95 8GB and specifies its availability at the 22nd week of 2007 (June).  If we look back, the N95 8GB was announced in August which is the 31th week and released in October.

Another example is the N82, the list shows week 42 (Mid October 2007) as the available date, it was announced to the public soon after in week 45 (November) and was available immediately.  So far so good, the dates shown in the list are relatively close to the actual availability date. But is not the case on every device shown by the list.

The N96 shows week 0 of 2008 as ”available” and the  N85 shows week 50 of 2007 as ”available”. The N96 was actually ready for market after the N85!!  The N96 was announced close to the list’s date but was released almost 6 months later. And the N85 was announced in August, almost one year after the  availability date in the list. The conclusion is, that although this list is very specific, it does not determine the actual availability date. The availability date is decided by the marketing department, so we cannot form conclusions as of the release date to market.

Now the fun part, the ”supposedly” upcoming models.

The lists confirms the E71 rumor for AT&T and also the downgrade of the E71 that was leaked during the Symbian Smartphone Show (E63) .  Then it shows an interesting unit called ”Surfer” which will have 2.6 inch QVGA screen with QWERTY keyboard, my guess is that it will be the phone with the Slide-Out QWERTY keyboard, the Nokia E75.

Nokia E75

A mysterious “IPO8″ that will run S60 5th edition, meaning it is a touch-screen device, is also in the list. The really interesting part is that it will have QWERTY keyboard, I presume it will be such as an HTC Touch Pro, but with a larger screen. The other specifications are current standards for Nseries devices (5 megapixel camera with autofocus, GPS, Wi-Fi, TV-OUT, etc). If we continue reading the list, it shows an upgrade to the IPO8 which will have a 3.5” inch display, 32GB of ROM and gesture support as an interface.

Now my favorite of the list, the ”Madeleine”. it will have an amazing 3.0” VGA display and will run S60 3rd edition meaning it is touch-less. It is the only phone in the list with a 8MP camera. I think that Nokia creates this difference in purpose so non-touch devices are appealing to a big segment of the market. Another very interesting capability is the Half-QWERTY keyboard. It sounds like a N95 8GB replacement, sadly the list says it will be under development until March of the following year.

The list is quite amazing, I have never seen such a big leak coming from the number one manufacturer. But as I said before, we can’t get into conclusions, maybe there are more devices apart from those in the list, maybe it is a fake list, or maybe none of these devices will see the light. Also there are strong chances that this list was created before May of 2007. I doubt it is the entire Nokia line, and maybe the devices had gained features since this list was created.

For now, this list is just a BIG rumor:

Product Code Codename OS Prototype availability Notes Status
RM-320 Aino 3.1 2007 wk 22 N95 8GB Development complete
RM-187 Ariane 3.2 2007 wk 28 5710 XpressMusic Development complete
RM-235 Merlin 3.2 2007 wk 37 N78 Development complete
RM-462 Piranha 3.2.1 2007 wk 39 AT&T version of E71. Software based on 6650 Development complete
RM-261 Hammer 3.2.2 2007 wk 40 ? Cancelled
RM-313 Sharaku 3.1 2007 wk 42 N82 Development complete
RM-333 Gadget 3.2.3 2007 wk 50 N85 Development complete
RM-247 Lumiere 3.2 2008 wk 0 N96 Development complete
RM-328 Astro 3.2 2008 wk 1 6220 classic Development complete
RM-346 Leevi 3.1 2008 wk 11 E71-1 Development complete
RM-357 Leevi 3.1 2008 wk 11 E71-3 Development complete
RM-422 Wheldon 3.1 2008 wk 12 Vassini facelift (Ed.: We don’t know what Vassini is.) Development complete
RM-367 Polaris 3.2 2008 wk 16 6210 Navigator Development complete
RM-370 Surfer 3.2 2008 wk 17 Landscape, 2.6-inch QVGA, QWERTY, GPS, NaviWheel, 5MP camera, DVB-H, quadband GSM, HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 Development complete
RM-401 Roxy 3.2.1 2008 wk 17 Version of 6650 with half-QWERTY keyboard added. Includes Mail for Exchange. Quadband GSM, HSDPA Canceled
RM-423 Bruce Lee 3.2.1 2008 wk 19 HSDPA, AGPS, 3.2MP camera Development complete
RM-409 Celine 3.2 2008 wk 25 5320 XpressMusic Development complete
RM-356 Tube 5.0 2008 wk 29 5800 XpressMusic Development complete
RM-348 Vivien 3.2 2008 wk 37 N79 In development
? Athlon 3.2 2008 wk 40 N85 refresh. Quadband GSM, HSDPA, 5MP camera with xenon flash, 8-16GB ROM, analog joystick, integrated compass, stereo speakers, GPS, WiFi In development
RM-437 Sofie 3.1 2008 wk 44 E63. E71 downgrade, 2MP camera, no 3G Development complete
RM-331 IP08 5.0 2008 wk 46 Widescreen touch, Naviscroll, QWERTY, AGPS, FM radio and transmitter, 5MP AF camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, TV-out In development
RM-431 Shakira 3.2 2008 wk 46 Candybar, WiFi In development
RM-469 Stella 3.2.3 2008 wk 48 Candybar — successor to E51. AGPS with integrated compass, 3MP camera with LED flash, WiFi In development
RM-482 Terra 3.2.3 2008 wk 48 Version of Stella with hybrid QWERTY keypad In development
RM-424 Gwen 3.2 2008 wk 51 Candybar, AGPS, 5MP AF camera with LED flash In development
? Ivalo 5.0 2008 wk 52 Follow-on to IP08. 3.5-inch wide touchscreen, 32GB ROM, AGPS, FM transmitter and receiver, 5MP camera, WiFi, TV-out, Bluetooth In development
? Mobile Office 09 3.2 2008 wk 52 ? In development
RM-412 Victoria 3.2.3 2009 wk 6 ? In development
RM-343 Dawn 3.1 2008 wk 9 E66 Development complete
? Corolla 5.0.1 2009 wk 11 3.0-inch VGA display, non-touch, 8MP camera, half QWERTY keyboard, 128MB RAM, 8GB ROM, WiFI, UPnP, HSPA, AGPS, FM transmitter In development
P3838 Madeleine 3.2.3 2009 wk 13 Side-sliding QWERTY, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, VoIP, GPS, 3.2MP camera, N-Gage support with gaming keys In development
? Vector 3.2.3 2009 wk 14 ? In development
? Jig 3.2 2009 wk 17 Landscape slider for AT&T using 6650’s guts. Quadband GSM, HSDPA, 2MP camera, 2.4-inch display In development
RM-453 Eitri 5.0.1 2009 wk 17 Landscape candybar with QWERTY, 3.5-inch 640×350 display, minimum 8GB ROM, microSD, pressure sensitive touch UI with tactile feedback and gestures, charging via USB, 5MP AF camera with dual LED flash, integrated compass and accelerometer, proximity sensor, FM transmitter In development

[via Engadget Mobile]

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