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BlackBerry Z3 Priced, Open for Pre-order in Indonesia

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JAKARTA, India – After a long wait since the MWC 2014 announcement, the BlackBerry Z3 has been priced and is now available for pre-order in Indonesia.

BlackBerry Z3

The company officially announced that customers in Indonesia can now pre-order the BlackBerry Z3 through Indosat and XL.

The handset sports a 5” display with a modern design, features customized local apps and content, a long lasting battery and is powered with Blackberry 10 OS version 10.2.1.

The new smartphones hosts a variety of features that include the BlackBerry Hub, wherein users can instantly check emails and BBM text messages, the famous BBM messenger, the BlackBerry keyboard for faster typing, Time Shift and Story Maker mode for enhanced photography, BlackBerry 10 browser, Instant Previews and Reply Now feature for instant messaging and emails, and FM Radio.

The official unveiling of BlackBerry Z3 is to take place on May 13,  and a limited BlackBerry Z3 Jarkata Edition will also be available.

The Blackberry Z3 is expected to be priced at IDR 2 199 000.

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