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BlackBerry 10 London Smartphone Leaks with Roadmap

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BlackBerry 10 smartphoneWATERLOO, Canada – A roadmap that laid out the future of BlackBerry in 2012 was recently leaked online, and gave users an idea of the various new devices that were soon to be released, although a new BlackBerry 10 OS-powered handset was one of the few that did not appear until another leak of the BlackBerry London showed an image of the highly anticipated device.

Whilst there has been no definitive proof that the latest image is really the new BlackBerry 10 device, and with another image recently surfacing back in November which looked completely different, it is believed that this latest image is more likely to be the real thing.

This latest image appears to be a Blackberry PlayBook that has been turned into a smartphone and this is what many industry experts believe the next Blackberry device would look like, although there is also speculation that the final version of the Blackberry 10 smartphone could undergo further modifications before it is finally released later in the year.

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