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BlackBerry 10 Homescreen Widget Screenshots Leak

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BlackBerry 10 screenshotsWATERLOO, Canada – There have been a number of images leaked recently showing the BlackBerry 10 phone that is due for release later this year, but now a document containing images of the new upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS┬áhas leaked.

Including in the leaked 14 page document were images of the new homescreen interface for the new BlackBerry 10 and although the handset were old BlackBerry 7 devices the interface did clearly show that it appears to be a watered down version of the OS used on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The images do, however, show that the user interface has been adapted to suit the smaller BlackBerry phone display.

Among the features that appear on the leaked images are an icon tray that has been updated with modified icons that appear to be more user-friendly, a universal inbox and folder icons that now show thumbnails of the apps that are inside them.

The pictures also show off the new BlackBerry widgets that look to have been inspired by the Live Tiles used by Windows Phone and the widgets used by Android devices. These widgets should help to make the user interface of the new BlackBerry 10 a far simpler and more intuitive affair.

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