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AT&T, Rogers Wireless to Offer Palm Pre 2

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Palm Pre 2 ATT RogersDALLAS, USA and TORONTO, Canada – With the Palm Pre 2 having been officially announced, the questions doing the rounds is what carrier will bring the Palm Pre 2 to Canadian and US customers.

There is a hint mixed in the source code of a Palm Canada webpage in the form of a comment, which points to availability from “Rodger’s network”. This can be interpreted as a misprint of being on the Rogers Wireless network, but there hasn’t been an official announcement as of yet.

This choice of carrier change can be seen in a good light, as Palm had previously chosen Bell to retail the webOS smartphone. It is a known fact that HP and Palm share connections with many carriers in Canada, so it will not be a shock to see the Palm Pre 2 available from major Canadian network carriers.

Another piece of commented-out source code referred to the Palm Pre 2 being associated to AT&T.

Palm Pre 2 specs

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