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Apple Stores Hit by Protesters Against Worker Abuse in Factories

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Foxconn iPhone factory workersNEW YORK CITY, USA – The poor treatment of workers in the factories of eastern manufacturers is a well known fact and the use of this labour by equipment giant Apple has led to a demonstration by protesters who want the company to think hard about who it uses to make its products.

In order to increase awareness of the way that workers are treated in factories run by Foxconn, a manufacturer of electronics for Apple and various other vendors, both SomeOfUs and worked together to plan a demonstration.

A petition calling for Apple to demand that working conditions for workers are significantly improved in factories making products like its iPad, iPhone and other devices has now led to the two groups receiving over 250 000 electronic signatures.

The petition was delivered to Apple at its new Grand Central Terminal retail outlet on Thursday at 10.00AM by the protesters and representatives from both of the groups.

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