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Apple Reports Increase in Quarterly Earnings

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iPhone 4CUPERTINO, USA – Apple recorded a whooping 70% increase in profit, with a record sale of 14.1 million iPhones and 3.89 million Mac computers.

The company said that fourth quarter profits rose to US$4.31 billion, that is US$4.64 per diluted share, compared to the last quarter profit of US$2.53 billion, or US$2.77 per diluted share. This was witnessed due to major increase in sales of three of the four major product segments; 57% of the quarter revenue was due to international sales.

The iPhone was revolutionary in the sales department, recording 14.1 million volumes sales, a growth of 91% over the past quarter. In the same quarter, Apple shipped 4.19 million iPad tablets, which was another record shipping sales volume.

Apple recorded 3.89 million Mac being shipped during the quarter, the main contribution being from the notebook section. The Mac desktop accounted for 1.2 million units, and the notebook accounted for 2.6 million units, an increase of 27% over the last quarter.

The iPhone continued to be the biggest money spinner for the electronics giant, accounting for US$8.8 billion in revenue for the quarter. Apple TV sales accounted at quarter of a million units.

Apple has come a long way, with revolutionary products riding along its side, the iPod, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone and iMac, are products that created a benchmark for the competition that existed even though this used to be a company that was widely criticized for its lag and other drawbacks, but today it is looked upon for dependable products. This can be seen in its profit charts, that are sky rocketing high at the moment, mostly thanks to its successful marketing department.

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