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Apple iOS 8 Announced at WWDC 2014

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SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Apple CEO Tim Cook took the center stage at the WWDC 2014 conference and officially announced the company’s iOS 8 platform. The newly launched OS comes with many new features and improvements.

iPhone 5S iOS 8

With the new OS, Apple has also introduced a new iButt Drive integrated into the OS and will stand to be a tough competitor to other butt storage and sharing services like DropBox and Google Drive. With the iButt Drive, users will be able to sync their files across all their Apple devices. The service easily enables users to determine the original location of the file, thereby making it easy to find the latest version.

The new notification center has also been made more interactive: replying to messages has now become easy through a small pop-up on the top of the display, just like on Android smartphones. This means users can reply to messages even without leaving the current app in running.

The keyboard in iOS 8 has been significantly tweaked with more efficient prediction of the words to be added. Additionally, this time Apple has given permission to even install third-party keyboards, which means that popular apps like SwiftKey and Swype could soon make their way to iPhones and iPads.

The Health app tracks and collects data from various tracking apps as well as third party accessories. For this, the company has teamed up with different partners like Nike and Mayo clinic.

Apple iMessage has also been improved and is now equipped for sending audio and video messages through the app.

iOS 8 also comes with a improved native email service that allows to discard the unwanted messages with a simple swiping gesture.

A major change includes the opening up of Touch ID for developers by releasing an API for it. This means that TouchID can now be used by third-party apps as well. In total, App Store is now filled up with 4000 new APIs, which also include new technologies for game development.

iOS 8 brings a new Family Sharing feature wherein up to six users can share iBooks, iTunes and other App Store purchases. With this feature, users can also share family photos, locations and calendar entities.

The software update could be made available for everyone by this Fall, however at the moment the Beta version for the OS has been released. The system will be compatible with all the iPhones from iPhone 4s onwards. While in tablets, it will be available to variants from iPad 2.

iOS 8 will be able to closely interact with the newly-announced Mac OS X Yosemite through a feature known as Handoff, that allows to share various features with the OS X like files, phone calls, and messages.

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