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Apple Appropriates Fake Street Names from OpenStreetMaps

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Apple Maps Kabul OpenStreetMapsCUPERTINO, USA – In September last year many iPhone and iPad owners were complaining that Apple Maps – which replaced Google Maps as the default mapping app for iOS devices – had too many glitches and mislabelled locations.

Just over a month ago, iPhone users heading to the city of Mildura in Australia ended up in in the wilderness without food and water after obtaining faulty directions from Apple’s mapping service. The company has said that it is continuously improving Maps, but it turns out that the mapping app is still far from perfect.

Just recently, Wall Street Journal Kabul bureau chief Yaroslav Trofimov discovered that Apple’s map of Kabul, Afghanistan, labelled one of the main streets in the capital city as “Bad Monkey”, and the street near the upscale Serena Hotel as “MoJo Way.”

Apple obtained the maps of Afghanistan cities from OpenStreetMap, but the tech giant apparently retrieved the old open source maps from OSM without checking the veracity of the information or updating them.

The old maps were created by Afghan university students who assigned prank-oriented fake names to locations that didn’t have official names or subject to disputes.

Apple has since apologized for the latest mapping mishap.

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By , International Correspondent, Cebo (Philippines) office
Published on Jan 28th, 2013 GMT +2


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