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Android’s own Siri-like Search Engine has Christian Extremist Views

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Iris Android Siri voice appGLOBAL – The highly popular voice assistant for Android, known as Iris, has recently come under attack for being what appears to be a Christian extremist search engine.

The Iris voice assistant for the Android was originally released in response to the launch of the iPhone 4S with the Siri voice assistant and it has quickly become very popular with over five million downloads to date.

The issues that have been raised are due to the responses given to certain questions by the search engine used by Iris, called ChaCha, which many are claiming to be anti-abortion, racist and bigoted. It was also found that in one question relating to whether rape is ever justified, the search engine came back with a reply stating that “it may be”.

Following these claims, ChaCha’s developers have quickly changed the answers to a number of these questions and are likely to continue looking for any others that may similar issues.

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