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Android Smartphone HTC Rhyme Spotted

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HTC Rhyme AndroidTAOYUAN, Taiwan – The HTC Bliss has been rechristened to HTC Rhyme, and leaked snapshots of the device are now available. The device looks slick in the snapshot atleast, more after the break.

The HTC Bliss was a device targeted primarily at the fairer sex, but now things have changed with the renaming of the device. The HTC Rhyme now gets a silver, metal-brushed feel finish and a blue theme to its name rather than the earlier determined sea green that was adopted for the device. However, these changes could also be market specific, and HTC might choose to offer something special to the ladies in few chose markets.

The HTC Rhyme houses a 3.7-inch display with Android 2.3.4 OS complete with HTC Sense 3.5 running on top of it. This phone is anticipated for a September 20th release, with few other phones as well.

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