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Android Market Hosting Bot-like Threat for Smartphones

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Symantec apperhand Android virusMOUNTAIN VIEW, USA – The threat known as Android.Counterclank was discovered by antivirus company Symantec recently on the Android Market and was being pushed out by multiple publisher IDs on a number of apps.

For many years now, users of home computers have been subject to countless attacks by hackers using viruses, trojans, bots and a variety of other tools to steal their personal information. Now it appears that smartphone users are beginning to face the same issues. PhoneRPT recently unveiled an AVG mobile threat report that also elaborates on many threats for the Android operating system.

This new threat is bot-like in nature and is a slight modification of Android.Tonclank infection. It has been designed to steal information from any device it gets onto and can also receive commands from hackers to carry out particular actions.

The various main applications that contain the infection contain packages known as ‘apperhand’ and these packages hold the malicious code that does the damage.

There are a number of ways in which the infection can be detected including the presence of a search icon that appears on the home screen or a service using the ‘apperhand’ package name running as a service on an infected device.

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