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Analysis: Blackberry Storm2 vs HTC Touch Pro2

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There is one thing to understand before comparing the Storm’s OS to the Pro2’s OS: Windows Mobile is an old mobile platform that has come through the years, it was mainly designed to be used with a stylus, an accessory that is proven to damage user-experience.

As this problem with WinMo was sufficient to create a bad user experience, HTC created TouchFLO, a user interface that runs on top of the operating system and attempts to eliminate the need of a stylus, and make user experience better. The HTC Touch Pro2 runs Windows Mobile with TouchFLO. The result from this mending of Windows Mobile is a horrible mix. The Touch Pro 2 is just confusing.

The superficial TouchFLO might look great on the surface, but anything beyond the homescreen will require the user to come in contact with Windows Mobile. But that is not the only issue, the confusion on the Pro2’s OS is the main problem with the handset.

The HTC Touch has double functionality on every feature: there is one TouchFlo e-mail client, and there is one Windows Mobile e-mail client, there is one TouchFLO SMS center, and there is one Windows Mobile SMS center. There are even two browsers! There is Internet Explorer from WinMo, and then Opera from TouchFlo: all that double functionality is confusing! For example: to install Windows Marketplace I was required to open an URL that Microsoft had sent me on an SMS. The phone first shows the TouchFLO version of the SMS where one cannot open links, then one has to go to the Windows Mobile version of the SMS where the link can be clicked on. The HTC Touch Pro2 even has two different menus and two different control panels (settings)!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 vs HTC Touch Pro2

The Blackberry OS naturally doesn’t suffer from the same problem. The software on the Storm is the latest version of the BlackBerry OS. It is very stable and reliable, although not perfect.

The Storm2 occasionally freezes and pulling the battery out is the only thing that will fix it. The Storm2 review unit froze for an average of twice a month, not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

Essentially, its software is a communication powerhorse, one has Blackberry Messenger which allows free chat with other Blackberry smartphone owners, threaded SMS, and the BB Email client which packs a lot of functionality. Other impressive feature that the Storm2 packs is the great Facebook app that syncs contacts and the calendar, really useful.

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