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PhoneReport is currently not looking forĀ  full-time professional journalists to join the team, but we are looking for talented interns who wish to add a reference in their Curriculum, or just have fun writing for an online publication focused on telecommunications.

Age is not an issue, but you do need to have knowledge on the telecommunications sector, and write in correct English.

If you would like to join the team, please refer to the Contact form, and we will provide you with detail on the information that you are required to submit.

If you are confident that you can write articles of our standard, we want to hear from you! If you lack on a specific skill, have a chat with us, and we will see where we can fit you in the team.

We are looking for correspondents from all over the world. In future we might contract you as a full-time journalist.

As PhoneReport is an acredited press/media publication, we will provide our interns with press access to prestigious events, including international events, as well as the latest mobile phones, accessories, and software applications to review.

Interns will have to publish atleast one article per day, with the option of writing them all on a single day, save them, and then publish them each one per day. Increased quality and quantity of articles can contribute to a full-time job at PhoneReport.

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