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A Call to Mobile Fans to Help our Environment

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In present times, we have to do everything at the reach of our hands to collaborate with the environment and nature in our mother earth. According to scientists and researchers, global warming is a great danger that we, or the next generation will have to deal with.

The problem is generated, in part, because fossil fuels are burned to produce energy. Fossil fuels emissions are making the ozone layer thicker and finally the heat on the earth will increase and several changes that will harm nature and ourselves will take place.

That is why we have help as much as we can to consume less energy, so less fossil fuels are burned, and give us more time to develop new clean technologies.

One very useful but simple costume that if we all acquire is done every day, will impact the environment in a positive way. What is it? Of course it has to be related to phones, and probably some of you already now because your Nokia phones are telling you so.

Unplug your charger when it is not charging your phone!

Did you know that your charger still consumes energy when your phone is not plugged in? You are wasting energy 95% of the time your phone is not connected to the wall. Imagine if there are four people in your home, and each of them has their charger plugged all the time, 24/7. If each person unplugs their charger, you will not only help environment, you will help yourself by paying a cheaper electric bill.

Nokia, leading manufacturer, is helping the environment by making low consumption chargers and by advising people to unplug the charger when not in use. For example, the N78 and other FP2 devices give you an alert when you disconnect the charger from the phone, it asks you to unplug the charger to save energy.

So I and the PhoneReport team encourage you to unplug your charger, it will help your wallet and our environment. Besides, it is not that hard to do!

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By , International Correspondent on Nov 14th, 2008 GMT +2


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