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Split Wireless Earphones Hits Kickstarter

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MIAMI, USA – After the majorĀ success of OUYA, another mobile-focused project has hit Kickstarter, bring no-wire earphones to the market.

At the time of publishing and with 23 days to go, this accessory has already received 45.000$ with 321 backers. Greenwing Audio’s goal is 435.000$ and if the pledging keeps the same track the goal will surely be reached. Split are innovative earbuds with no strings that will work without cables and without Bluetooth.

The Concept of the “Earphones with no Strings”

The concept is very simple – to create an audio device that fits in the ears without any cables and without Bluetooth, being therefore, a standalone device.

Users are able to alternate between tracks and increase/decrease the volume with bites. The video below illustrates this functionality.

How do the bites work?

Split is simple to manage: with one bite Split skips the track forward and with a double gentle bite, it will change the volume.

The issue arises with the direction of the changes the user makes: If one wants to mute the volume and it’s currently on Low, it must be increase to Medium, then High and then be muted, resulting in a total of 6 bites. That is not difficult but it is certainly taking a longer course to reach a shorter goal.

Split Wireless earphones

This latest issue was already handled by Split team. If the user taps the right earphone, the player will get locked and therefore one can bite normally.

What is the price of a pair of the Split Wireless Earphones?

Right now it is way expensive for a pair of Earphones and no one has yet tested the quality of this gadget in terms of sound.

A pledge of US$155 on Kickstarter will get one pair of Split earphones. These will come to the user on the first pre-production batch and include shipping costs. The Kickstarter may be funded from here.

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By , Financial Director and Correspondent on Oct 8th, 2013 GMT +2


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