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Samsung to Add S Band to Wearables Portfolio

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SEOUL, South Korea – Samsung wishes to strongly introduce itself in the smart wearable market, and it could soon announce a Samsung S Band.

Samsung S Band

Earlier this year at the MWC 2014, Samsung announced the Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Neo smartwatches along with its fitness band known as Gear Fit. Now the refreshed version of the S Band has leaked – ┬áthe original S Band was announced last year but failed to make it to retail stores for unknown reasons.

The new S Band from Samsung is aesthetically designed with a finished look and is expectedly targeted for the fitness-focused audience. News suggest that this could be one of the cheapest wearables from Samsung, similar to Fitbug in concept.

The S Band can be worn through a clip or on wrists and will be able to keep a track of calories, sleep and steps taken. All these data will be communicated by the device to the S Health 3.0 app and will also notify users for messages and incoming calls with an integrated LED.

There is no official word regarding the pricing for the device but it could be somewhere near $100-$125.

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By , International Correspondent, Edinburgh office on Mar 20th, 2014 GMT +2


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