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Samsung Galaxy S5 to Don Fingerprint Technology

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iPhone 5S iOS7 fingerprint scanner Touch ID

Fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) on the iPhone 5S

SEOUL, South Korea – Samsung’s next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5, will be donning fingerprint authentication, sources say.

Leaks and rumors have been making way to market ever since Samsung Mobile hinted at releasing next-generation S-phone in January.

The world’s biggest smartphone producer is testing several biometric sensors that should make part of Galaxy S5, including iris and fingerprint recognition, however, nothing is certain as of yet.

What makes finger recognition an appropriate option is that an extra camera would have to be fitted in the device for the sole reason of iris identification, which must make it bigger for carrying three camera modules within.

Plus, the smartphone will have to be redesigned if the iris recognition has to be integrated as it involves long range camera.

Furthermore, the possible suppliers to Samsung for iris recognition sensors, like IriTech Inc., have already denied rumors regarding supply eye scanners.

What makes as more of a suitable claim is that the tech giant is working to install fingerprint sensors under the display panel where users would be able to scan their fingers.

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By , International Correspondent, Karachi office

Published on Jan 30th, 2014 GMT +2