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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date and Battery Capacity Leaked

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SEOUL, South Korea – Sources have pointed to a potential Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, as well as the battery capacity figures for the device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

A Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

Amprius is working on the battery technology for the Galaxy S5, and this new battery tech is believed to provide 20% more capacity than the conventional Li-Ion battery that is used in most smartphones today. This could be made possible with the use of silicon-anode rather than the current graphite one.

Moreover, the battery dimensions remain the same as that of the Galaxy S4 but users will get an increase in capacity by 300 mAh over the 2600 mAh provided in S4. Additionally, the new battery will be charged in just less than two hours, thanks to the USB 3.0 port that has previously provided the functionality in the Galaxy Note 3 launched last year.

Even though MWC is happening the very next month, it is said that Samsung will have its own event in March for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and it will be made available from April or May. A senior official from Samsung Electronics confirmed this in New York on ZDNet Korea. 

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By , International Correspondent, London office on Jan 24th, 2014 GMT +2


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