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Samsung Galaxy Beam Successor Wrapped in Metal

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SEOUL, South Korea – Information in a Chinese database suggests that Samsung is working on a second projector-phone, the Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 SM-G3858.

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

Two years ago at the MWC 2012, Samsung had introduced a pico-projector smartphone in the name of Samsung Galaxy Beam. The concept was new at that moment, however, the phone did not click owing to the ageing OS, rather average specs and a large chassis.

A few pictures at the Tenaa website show that the new device has a bump in the upper back that opens up as a wide lens at the top. With a casual glimpse to the images, it may seem that there is an exterior metal finish, but observing the images carefully, it consists of a plastic back which happens to be glossy brushed metal finish.

Information from the Chinese database also put some light on the device’s specs. The SM-G3858 was spotted with the China Mobile branding and sports a 4.66-inch WVGA display with 800×480 resolution, a quad-core 1.2GHz chipset, 1GB RAM, microSD slot with 32GB external storage capacity, GSM and TD-SCDMA connectivity.

The new device has gone slimmer by a millimeter from its prequel but still measures 11.6mm in thickness. One thing is for sure that the device is still in existence but whether it is exclusively for China market or will be extended to other global markets can’t be said at the moment.


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By , International Correspondent - Prague office on Mar 25th, 2014 GMT +2


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