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Nokia Lumia Black Update Lands on Windows Phone

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ESPOO, Finland – Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 users have began receiving the Lumia Black update, which began rolling out earlier this month.

Start screen view

The update offers new features, new apps and app updates from Nokia and Microsoft that improve the user experience on the Lumia series.

App Folder allow users to organize and personalize the Start screen on start-up of the device. With this feature, users can group apps of similar categories under a single tile on the screen. This facilitates users to have a quick access to the applications that are used frequently.

Nokia Glance screen 2.0 makes every notification like phone, calendar, outlook, message and others from Facebook and Twitter, available at just a glance on the screen. This saves considerable amount of energy and time.

Nokia Refocus is available to almost every Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 with 1GB RAM and above. It allows for artificial shallow depth of field to be applied to images.

Nokia Refocus

Redefining new standards of sharing, Nokia Beamer provides the functionality of sharing almost anything from photos, documents, presentations and even the QR code of an HTML-5 enabled screen.

Earlier just available on Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520, Nokia now extends this Storyteller to other Lumia smartphones as well. This app arranges every photo by date and place, making it easier to tell stories behind one’s pictures.

Nokia Camera combines the Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera and enriches users’ photography experience even further. The app is now available on the entire Windows Phone 8 Lumia range. This update brings RAW DNG support to the Nokia Lumia 1020, that was earlier just available on the Nokia Lumia 1520.


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By , International Correspondent - Prague office on Jan 22nd, 2014 GMT +2


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