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New HTC One M8 Brings Duo Camera, Dot View

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LONDON, UK and New York, USA – HTC has announced the much-awaited HTC One M8, a successor to last year’s HTC One model. The device brings an innovative Duo camera and a Dot View case.

HTC One M8

The smartphone hosts a number of new features, such as HTC Sense 6.0, and a Smart Sensor Hub that makes use of the motion launch controls. It comes with the same built quality, comprising a metal unibody, and sports a 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display, thinner bezels and subtle curves for a better grip.

An optional Dot View case can be purchased to protect the handset. The user can then interact with the touchscreen without having to open the case. The interface itself has been arranged to work with the retro look of the case.

HTC One M8 Dot View case

The device clocks at 2.3GHZ with a quad-core Krait CPU in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip, 4G LTE and the latest Android KitKat 4.4 software on-board. The HTC Sense 6.0 user interface offers more features, customizable color themes and a personalized user experience.

The HTC One M8 is the world’s first smartphone to have a Duo Camera that works with the HTC Ultrapixel module. This consists of a depth sensor that fetches in-depth photographic details of a scene, producing real-life colors according to the manufacturer. The camera also has a dual LED flash which captures “exact” color tones and offers full 1080p HD video recording. The front-facing camera has been made powerful with 5MP allowing to capture superior selfies. The Slow Motion feature will allow users to take slow motion HD videos, similar to what’s possible in other similar smartphones.

The HTC One M8 has built-in motion sensors that allows for an interaction with the device without the need to turn it on. A simple swipe lets users activate the device while the Auto Answer functions by just holding the HTC One M8 near one’s ears.

HTC has implemented an “Extreme Power” saving mode that makes a battery last 40% longer than normal. On a complete charge of the device, it allows 14 days of seamless functionality even while travelling. When this mode is turned on manually or automatically, it offers 60 hours standby time during 20% battery, 30 hours during 10% and 15 hours during 5%.

The HTC One M8’s BoomSound feature has gone even louder giving 25% more voice output than its predecessor.

The handset is available as of now in the US in three colours, and will be available throughout the world through 230 operators.

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By , International Correspondent - Vadodara (India) office on Mar 28th, 2014 GMT +2


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