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Leaked iPhone 6 Images Reveal New Camera

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CUPERTINO, USA – Images detailing the iPhone 6 have surfaced on the internet, following leak from parts manufacturer.

Apple iPhone 6

With several leaks and rumors moving around the upcoming Apple iPhone 6, few leaked sketches suggest that the device will be slim with a body measuring 7mm.

The actual images of the iPhone 6 show the device, perhaps a prototype, but the importance of the images is that they have been captured possibly at a Foxconn site, where the device is likely to be manufactured.

The images show the camera lens as a unit that goes beyond the handset’s body, in accordance to previously-revealed information. Leaked schematics show two screen sizes, where the smaller model will have a 4.7inch display measuring 137 x 66 x 7 mm whereas the larger 5.7” model will be sized at 157 x 77 x 6.7 mm.

Apple iPhone 6 dimensions

Based on this information, two sketches of the upcoming models draw it with a slim waistline, rounder edges, and a single-piece volume buttons. According to these sketches, the device will measure 7.1mm in thickness, and the headphone jack will be shifted to left instead of the right.

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By , International Correspondent - Vadodara (India) office on Apr 7th, 2014 GMT +2


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