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Intelligent Energy Announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Mobile Devices

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Intelligent Energy has developed a new technology that makes use of hydrogen fuel cells to power up smartphones and other mobile devices.

Upp hydrogen fuel cell

This technology has been developed looking to the needs of certain African countries, where there are major issues of power failure or abrupt power cuts. This technology will help users as an alternative source in case of power failures to provide the essential power to keep their devices charged.


Upp is made up of only two components – a reusable fuel cartridge and a fuel cell. The cell has an on/off button along with a standardized USB port. The cartridge is built with metal hydride technology that requires hydrogen topping once the Upp cell is discharged.


The company demonstrated at the AfricaCom event recently held in Cape Town, where it introduced this new technology. The hydrogen fuel cell technology is able to charge almost any USB-power-compatible devices, such as smartphones, digital cameras, featured phones and e-readers. The company claims that with the Upp cell portable charger, users will be able to keep the charging worries of their smartphones away until one week. The Upp cell is able to deliver up to five complete recharges a week.


Amar Samra, MD of Intelligent Energy, told reporters that the company has been monitoring the need of users for one year, by talking with the telecommunication operators and the end-users. Samra believes that Africa is the right place to launch the gadget, as many use their smartphones as the only source of internet connectivity. He further added that the same Upp cell can be used to power other devices, like USB fans and LED lights.

The gadget will be priced at nearly $200. Samra said that the company will look for some modifications in its future versions that would come in smaller size at a reduced cost.

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By , International Correspondent - Vadodara (India) office on Nov 21st, 2013 GMT +2


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