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Innovative Accessories Hit Samsung Galaxy Core Advance

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SEOUL, South Korea – Samsung has brought three new accessories to the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance, which include an Optical Scan Stand, Ultrasonic Cover and Voice Label, for users requiring special assistance.


These accessories have been specifically launched for aged and disabled people in mind,  intended to assist such people to have a seamless experience on their Galaxy Core Advance.

The Samsung Ultrasonic Cover sends alerts through vibration and TTS feedback when detecting obstacles or navigating to unfamiliar locations. The Ultrasonic Cover, when placed in front of a user, monitors their surroundings by detecting the presence of object or person that are up to 2 meters away.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance ultrasonic cover

The Samsung Optical Scan Stand serves a novel purpose as it positions the smartphone to focus on printed material. Once focused, the Optical Scan application is automatically activated and reads the text message from the scanned image aloud to the user.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance optical stand

The Samsung Voice Label assists users to distinguish objects by making notes and tagging voice labels on-the-go. Through the seamless NFC connectivity, users can record, stop and access their notes.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance voice label

The Samsung Galaxy Core Advance features a 4.7” display screen with a wide range of smart features that includes S Translator, S Voice, Sound and Shot, Group Play and Easy Mode, providing users an experience similar to other models in the Samsung Galaxy series. These accessories will join the pre-loaded Instant Voice Recorder, Light Sensing App and Voice Guided Camera in the smartphone.

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By , International Correspondent, Quebec office on Mar 20th, 2014 GMT +2


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