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Google Smart Contact Lens Designed to Help Diabetics

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA – Google is going to help diabetics with a smart contact lens that can determine the blood glucose levels by collecting the information from tears.

Google Smart Contact Lens

Diabetes in one of the major issues that humans today are facing and is found in one in every 20 people. It has been one of the major tasks for people with diabetes, to keep their blood sugar levels under control. This is a major challenge as highly-fluctuating sugar levels can prove to be catastrophic and even may result into the damage of heart, kidney or eyes. Thus it has become mandatory for the diabetes patients to have round-the-clock monitoring of their blood sugar levels. Today there are many glucose monitors with a glucose sensor placed under the skin.

The Smart Contact Lens developed by the search giant consists of miniaturized electronics like sensors, chips and an antenna smaller than a human hair.

Google has completed its research work and is recently testing prototypes that can give patients a reading at every second. Google is also planning to integrate a tiny LED with the device that would blink up when the sugar levels in the body go beyond a certain threshold level and give users a warning to quickly act to maintain the necessary glucose levels.

Google’s effort in the new wearable tech may seem too futuristic for the moment, but it will certainly help a large number of people across to deal with diabetes more effectively and smartly. The company is in discussion with the FDA and says it has still lot more to work upon and add to this technology. Google is also working with various industry partners who have worked on a similar research projects before.


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By , Financial Director and Correspondent on Jan 28th, 2014 GMT +2


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