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Google Glass Titanium Frames and Shades Announced

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA – Google has revealed that the Google Glass Titanium Collection frames will be available at a price of $225 excluding taxes. Additionally the clip-on attachment shades will be available at a price of $150 per piece.

Google Glass Titanium frames shades

However, at the moment, the shades are out-of-stock on the Google Glass Explorers website. Google is providing for Explorers who have gotten an eyeglass prescription issued in last 12 months, as they can take their current glasses and their lens prescription to Google’s own preferred ECPs and get the prescribed lenses fitted on frame.

For users’ convenience, Google has added a list of preferred optometrists wherein cutters have been trained specifically for the Google Glass Titanium Collection. Moreover users who switch frames on their own will get all necessary tools with the shipment along with some key operating instructions on the Google Glass help site.

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By , International Correspondent - Prague office on Feb 5th, 2014 GMT +2


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