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Flappy Bird May Return to App Stores

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HANOI, Vietnam – In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, developer Dong Nguyen of the controversial Flappy Bird said that he might bring back the game to Android and iOS.

Flappy Bird Android iOS game

Nguyen is considering on releasing a new Flappy Bird game under a different title. However, the game would hit the app stores with a warning message: “Take a break”.

Flappy Bird became a gaming sensation on internet and had gained huge popularity in just few days. Even after Nguyen pulled up the game from Android and iOS stores, various versions of the game were hitting these app stores.

Even though earning a whopping $50000 a day from these app stores, developer Nguyen said that much required attention for the game had turned his simple life into chaos. The developer also started receiving “horror” text messages and emails with most of them saying that Flappy Bird is ruining people’s lives.

Nguyen is exploring new areas and is working on few games at the moment that could be released this month.


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By , International Correspondent, Edinburgh office on Mar 17th, 2014 GMT +2


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