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Exetech XS-3 Turns Smartphone into Smartwatch

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TORINO, Italy – The Exetech XS-3 is a smartwatch that places a smartphone onto the user’s wrist.

Exetech XS-3 smartwatch

The Exetech Xw-3 smartwatch comes in a plastic wrapping along with a heavy-duty rubber strap that adds a certain toughness to its hardware. Its back cover is rather disappointing with only a battery that is exposed to the surroundings. However, its internals and software are features to be talked about, for which they make the smartwatch more interesting.

The device carries a dual-core MediaTek processor, 2GB on-board storage and runs on the Android 4.0. It has 3G connectivity and a user-replaceable 420mAh battery, beneath which there are microSIM and microSD slots. The XS-3 offers a standby time of 18 hours, 6-7 hours for usage and 2.5 hours if the GPS is used.

The Exetech XS-3 sports a 1.54-inch touchscreen with 240×240 resolution and will be able to access Google Play, although the store currently lacks smartwatch-centric apps.

On each side of the bezel, there are two navigation buttons, a 2 mega-pixel camera in the center of the right-hand side for taking pictures. The left middle button reveals the microUSB port for charging or connecting headphones via an adapter. The smartwatch is available in white and black colors with a price tag of €350 ($485).


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