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RIM Improving Storm’s Hardware

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BlackBerry Bold flash web browserWATERLOO, Canada – There have been several videos on the upcoming Storm 9550, but none have completely explained the new improvements on the SurePress screen.

Due to a mixed reception of the original Storm 9500 and its innovative touch screen, Research In Motion has tweaked it quite a bit. This is big news considering many fans of the original Storm loved the ‘clickable’ screen, and many disliked it, but every Storm user would love to see improvement. RIM has developed what is being called ‘Piezo Technology’ to integrate within Blackberry’s new device.

The old screen was one button in the sense that it had pivots underneath to control movement, and one button in the center that was always pressed. This concept has been thrown out completely. The 9550 (which will be released in Canada on September 15th, and possibly in Europe and the U.S. in October) has a completely different, yet still unique touch screen.

The Piezo Technology screen is activated by electric impulses. Until stimulated, the screen is completely unable to activate. Once activated, the screen’s density changes, becoming softer, and allowing the user to press on it, as if it is a button without the pivots or button beneath it. The screen allows the user to click down (with far less effort than required with the 9500) and still have a unique feeling that isn’t seen in every other touchscreen. It allows for more controllable typing, as well as clicking in two different spots. This is a huge innovation for the popular Blackberry line.

In related news, it is being reported that RIM will be incorporating full Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight support within devices by summer 2010. There is no official word on this yet, so it is unclear whether this will be available in all Blackberry devices, or just premium models such as the Bold and Storm lines. This will allow for higher speed downloads and web browsing. It will be at least a year before users get to see this come to reality, but it is still exciting news.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 24th, 2009 GMT +2


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