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S60 v3 Game Review: 3D Minigolf

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Course screenshot

3D Minigolf is a game available for all S60 v3 devices. It features 3D graphics and 18 holes of gameplay. Users can adjust the angle for every strike and also determine how much power should be applied to each shot.

Graphics are basic but functional and do offer the possibility to zoom in and out, which is useful for determining the best angle at a given moment. The minigolf holes featured in the game are well designed and offer many different challenges.

Game AI is well developed in the sense that the player can control every aspect of how the shots are carried out, but it also has some serious flaws. The user can hit the ball from every possible angle – whether it’s physically possible or not! – and also the angle used for the last strike will be the default angle for next strike. This means that when the player starts at a new hole, most of the time the club will be angled in the wrong direction!

Another serious flaw is that there is no option to turn off the sound. Many gamers like to enjoy a game on the bus or another public place without having to put on headphones, so the possibility to turn sound off is really a must have feature for a game on any portable device.

All in all, the game is deep and challenging and allows for the player to constantly improve and beat previous scores. Flaws in game AI are irritating but not vital to the actual gameplay.

Download 3D Minigolf S60 v3

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