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Review: Best Blackberry Warrior Theme

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NinjaBerry Storm ThemeThemes come in wide variety, that find usage among the varying needs of Blackberry users. While some may not be the most effective for menu browsing, they can be quite entertaining. This is where NinjaBerry comes in. This theme is an exclusive for the touchscreen 9500 Storm that was created by one of the fan developers over at

It may not look professional or business-oriented, but that doesn’t matter because it isn’t intended to look that way. Research In Motion was just named the fastest growing company in the world, and that wasn’t done by sticking to the business professional-only market. In recent years, Blackberry devices have been brought into awareness and popularity among families, students, and even teens. This is due to their variety of products available, that offer customizable experiences to meet every users’ needs. NinjaBerry appeals to a crowd who appreciate a somewhat artistic experience on their phone.

NinjaBerry has icons and a default background representing asian ninja warriors. Everything is in grayscale, with the only color popping out when an icon is selected. The lock and call screens are customized with samurai swords, and everything is textured lightly.

Where the theme excels in style, it lacks in accessibility. The front screen’s icons aren’t changeable. This should be a default for any theme made at this point.

Overall, NinjaBerry provides a very cool and stylistic experience for any user who isn’t obsessed with the usability of their device.

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