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Review: Best Blackberry Strategy Game

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Paintball 2Paintball 2 isn’t exactly what it sounds like. Opposed to what most would immediately think as some type of a shooter based on the popular sport, Paintball 2 is actually a puzzle game that mimics the style of Bejeweled.

For those who don’t know, Bejeweled is somewhat of a spin-off of a Tetris clone. The game has a square board, filled with jewels of a few different varieties. It is the player’s objective to earn as many points as possible by switching two jewels at a time, to create a line which disintegrates in Tetris fashion when formed. The gap is filled by the jewels above of course, as more fall to fill the board.

In Paintball 2, the user has a similar board filled with various, that’s right, paintballs. The objective is slightly different though. The user doesn’t switch balls, but changes their ┬ácolors one at a time. The balls won’t disappear immediately though, unless they are next to the edge. And, the user has a life bar which will deplete with each ball that is changed. Herein lies the strategy. Users will get to change one ball at a time, and get combinations right off the bat, but as the game goes on and more points are scored, more uncolored balls fall in, which cause the need for more color changes. It is best to the user’ strategy to plan out ahead, and try to get more then just three balls at a time.

It is a fun game, which will be a delight for any fan of the incredibly popular Bejeweled franchise. A demo of Paintball 2, as well as the full version are now available in the Blackberry App World.

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