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Review: Best Blackberry Call Management App

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Phonalyzr GraphThere are hundreds of applications in the Blacberry App World. Some of them are very well known and have been listed as a featured item. Others, used to be difficult to find, but the web-based version of the App World now offers easier navigation to find those hidden treasures. One of these great finds is called Phonalyzr.

Phonalyzr is a very simple application which tracks the call information between the user and contacts. The interface isn’t pretty or necessarily anything more then effective. There could definitely be better ways of doing this, but the system used now does work. Hopefully, the popularity of the application will grow, and give the developer more reason to update the interface with a bit more inspiration.

The application lists a dozen categories, all of which deal with calls, those that were involved in them, and the time they’ve consumed. Categories are anything from “Top callers by minutes” to “Inbound vs. Outbound” to “Number of Calls Per Hour”. All of the information is provided in graphs of various types, typically bar and pie. The application is simple to use easy to read. The main use of this would be for those without unlimited plans, looking to track exactly where their minutes are going. The application is customizable, and allows the user to decide the time intervals in which to look this information up.

There are both free and paid versions available in the App World now.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 23rd, 2009 GMT +2


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